Follow These Easy Steps to Delete Facebook Business Page

Facebook is one of the greatest social media platform. It is counted that FB global monthly users are about two billion, giving a wide range of scope for all type of activities. We can reach people very fastly through this. In such cases, we can use this Facebook business page as a big opportunity to English our on business. It is always a big opportunity to increase our brand value and increase the sale.

Remove Facebook Pages in Different ways:

Remove the Facebook business pages on IOS and Android –

Nowadays most of the people use the Facebook business page from their mobile, because of its user-friendly and easy way. Thus we can also remove the page by handsets.

  • Go to the Facebook app.
  • Check out the list of pages and tab want to be deleted.
  • Select edit page from options and tap settings.
  • In that, you will find remove page when we scroll down.
  • We will get a warning message when we click on it.
  • If we are 100% sure click ok and page will be deleted.

You will get a advantage from Facebook that, if you want to restore this page you have the options in that which lasts only for 14 days.

The removing of this page will permanently delete all its posts and sharing. So who all follow and like this page can’t see your actions anymore.

Remove your Facebook business page from personal computer –

this is the process done for the people who use Facebook business pages in their personal computers. In most of the reputed companies and firms, they will have a separate department for the business matters, In this case, they mostly use the personal computer for updating and using of this online business pages. Thus to remove this we need to follow these steps.

  • open Facebook in your system.
  • Go to the head of the page, which you wish to delete. Click to settings option under edit page
  • Tap remove page by scrolling down.
  • Delete the page.
  • Page will be permanently deleted.

Remove Facebook business page if you are not it admin –

This is a little more critical stage,in this if the page is prepared by some of friends or employees and who is not available at the current time, we will use this way.

  • It is not an easy way but still, there is a way to remove it.
  • Primarily we have to report the page to Facebook for crack of your intellectual property.
  • Click the page to be deleted.
  • Tap the three dots below the Page cover photo.
  • select report page.
  • In description explain why you want this page to get removed.
  • Lastly the process will be done by the FB by evaluating the whole thing.

It may take time but if its genuine means the page will be deleted after some time.

The main use of this FB business page is;

  • increase the brand value.
  • lower marketing expenses.
  • reach to millions in a span of seconds.

Like all, having all these type of advantages they are certain  disadvantages also for this they can be counted as;

  • time-consuming
  • advertisement cost
  • negative impact
  • competition

Does we can say that FB business page has many pros and cons. So, we have to utilize this very wisely to get a good response.

Bottom Line

The usage of the Facebook business page is very much high that we can’t even imagine it, but still, it has many problems that are listed above. The removal of this Facebook business page is so simple and can be retained if we want within a span of 14 days.

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