PREQUEL APK for Android

If you love to create content on social media you might have come across the prequel app. It has changed the social media world and one doesn’t need to explain why. Which prequel app can you create stunning content with ease? It is the all in one photo and video creator. In this article we will have a closer look at the prequel app and explain what makes it so popular.

You can save bucks by simply choosing the prequel app for Android and IOS over other premium software programs such as Photoshop. Put in your creativity to edit images like professionals which filters effects and editing options available on Prequel app for free.

What is the Prequel App?

The prequel app is a photo and video editor that has various options of effects filters and presents for your content. With this app you can create professional looking content for free. No requirement of any expensive video or photo editing software anymore. This app is compatible with both ios and Android devices and his completely free to use

What Makes The Prequel App Stand Out?

One of the main reasons the prequel app stands out is its unique filters and effects. This app has a huge library of filters that are inspired from popular movies and TV shows. For example you can add filters from stranger things inspired from its characters and content. You can get a complete vintage and retro feel.

What makes it more popular is its simplicity. Its application has a very user-friendly interface which is easy to use and navigate. Even beginners can create a stunning content by using prequel app

Features of the Prequel App

Some of the key features of this application is listed below:

Filters: This app has lots of filters that are inspired from TV shows and popular films. You can easily use these filters for your content

Effects: Its white range of effects can help you enhance your content. For instance, you can add lens flare effects and light leaks to your videos and photos.

Presets: With its huge collection of presents you can quickly edit your content. Which few simple is tapes you can enhance your content with these presents

Music: The prequel app also allows you to add reality free music to your videos. You can choose from various genres and moods. So you can find the perfect music for your content.

Customization: You can also customize your filters and effects with this app. You can adjust the intensity of the effects and customize the colors to match your preferences.

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How to Use the Prequel Apk

It’s easy to use the prequel app. Below is the step-by-step guide on using the prequel app:

Download the app: The prequel app is available for growth IOS and Android devices. So you can download them officially from the App Store or Google Play Store. Another option is to download the prequel APK and install it directly on your device. You can easily find the prequel APK.

Select your content: Open the app and choose the photo or the video you want to edit

Add filters and effects: Visit the apps library and find the perfect filter and effects and select the one that fits your needs. Adjust the intensity of the effects and customize its color.

Add music: For videos you can also choose to add royalty free music from its library. You can simply preview the music and add by clicking.

Save and share: Once you are done with your content editing save to your device and share it on social media if you want.

Prequel app is one of the best apps available on Android for photo and video editing. It has amazing editing features. It is for both beginners and advanced users. It is a must use product for Instagram and social media influencers and content creators.


Anyone who wants to create stunning content for Instagram or any other social media, the prequel app is the top recommendation. This app has a huge library of unique filters and effects. Its friendly user interface makes it popular amongst social media enthusiasts. It helps you save both your time and money. You can create professional edited content without spending much on editing softwares with prequel APK.

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