Ps4 Game controllers

PS4 is one of the best PlayStation which is in the market. It is manufactured by Sony. First, we have to change the settings in iOS devices to connect the PS4 game controllers.

  • Settings – Bluetooth on iPad – settings – Remote and devices –Bluetooth – ON the toggle

Next we have to hold the PlayStation button on and share button of our game controller simultaneously. Then on our iPad we can see a pop up coming having a name of a wireless game controller in Bluetooth list, at the same time there will be a white blinking in our game controller. Tap on it, once the iOS get connected to the PS4 controller, it gets pink color.

 Xbox one S

Xbox is one of the other gaming device. All the Xbox One gaming controller will not work with iPhone iPad. Only Xbox one S model 1708 game controller will only get connected with this iOS. the latest edition Elite serials z will also get connected to the iOS. Rather than this none of any of the Xbox gaming controller will not connect with the iOS. For knowing the model of the controller we have to open the battery box on your controller and pull out the battery under that, there we can see a label which will list the model number.

First we have to change the settings in iOS devices to connect the Xbox game controllers.

  • Settings – Bluetooth on iPad – settings – Remote and devices – Bluetooth – ON the toggle.

Turn on the controller by pressing Xbox logon button, then press the connect button at the top of the controller then you can see that the Xbox logo starts to blink quickly indicating that it has been going to pair with the iOS device. Once the iOS device will get connected with this Xbox gaming controller the blinking will stop and the light will be On.

MFI Controller of 3rd parties

As we all know that all this PS4 and Xbox one S gaming controllers a very expensive, every people can’t afford it. Thus we can use third party gaming controllers which has the mfi authentication. not every third-party game controllers cannot be linked with iOS because the trust and authentication is must. These gaming controllers are very cheap and can be easily affordable by common man. The way of connecting these gaming controllers is exactly like the PS4 game controllers.

Stick ON controllers

Like the third party gaming controllers this is special type of gaming controller in which the Developers design a touch screen for the easy use of gaming. The controller attaches to your iPad, using a suction tube and uses the capacitive touch screen for the easy use of the gaming. The about gaming controllers a very expensive, so it’s difficult to share with our relatives or friends. But by using this stick ON controllers we can easily give this to anyone and can be switched from Android to iPhone also Gamesir F1 grip game controller is the most authentic stick on controllers.

Bottom Line –

The usage of game controller is the best way to enjoy the game. It increases the visual sense and the skill. They are numerous game controlling devices which is used for this gaming purpose but for iPad or iPhone we should use the devices which can be connected to them. in this article we had discussed about such devices which we can get easily from the market and the way to get connect these game controllers to the iOS.