Users today tend to store data in cloud storage because their data can be accessed wherever and whenever. This is increasingly popular with the cloud drive. Google Photos has been created by Google for excellent photo sharing and storage. In general you can get unlimited photo storage for pictures up to 1080p resolution as long as you set the storage settings to “high quality”.

Tips for Moving Google Photos From One Account to Another

In order to ensure that photographs and videos of their original resolution and quality are retained to their original order, the users may choose to store their photos by selecting “End quality.” With more original photos saved, users might want a new account to be created in order to enjoy more free storage. While multiple Google Photos accounts are commonly used, it is still not easy to pass photos between Google accounts.

How to Move Google Photos From One Account to Another

This section will show you 4 ways to move images from Google to another account. Depending on your situation you can pick a way;

Download and Upload

Step 1: Log in to Google Photos for the first time.
Step 2: Choose your moving pictures.
Step 3: Click the icon on the top right corner to download.

Step 4: If you wish to add these pictures separately, remember to unzip the file before uploading them to your other account.
Step 5: Sign into your second account with Google Photos.
Step 6: To import the files, click on the “upload” icon or drag them directly to the second account.
Step 7: This way you can transfer images from one Google Photo to a different one, but manually run, and it is really distressing, considering the network speed and size of your images are affected by the downloading and uploading process.

Transfer Photos Between Google Photos Accounts with “Sharing” Feature

Step 1: Check out the Google source page at
Step 2: Pick the photo to move from.
Step 3: Select and choose the “Build Link option by pressing the Share icon in the top right corner of the window.
Step 4: Copy and paste the link in a new tab in the pup-out browser.

Step 5: Enable your second account to connect to the second Google Photos account, and click on the “Connect to file” button.

Send a shared invitation to the library

Step 1: Step Switch to your first Google Photos app “Settings.”
Step 2: Click on the list of “Shared Library”.

Step 3: Dominate your second Google Photos account address and click “Next” to proceed.

Step 4: Select the pop out window settings and select the “Next” button.

Step 5: In the browser, click on the button Send Invitation.
Step 6: Login the second photos account with Google Photos.
Step 7: Switch to the “Sharing” and embrace invitation. This way, from your first account you will access all shared images.

Step 8: To move your photos over to your account you should open the shared gallery, select all of them, and click “transfer to folder.”

Way 2 and Way3 will allow you to migrate photographs without downloading from Google Photos ‘ accounts, but when you sign into your two accounts at the same time, it’s not possible for the user to see which account you’re working with, making the process a little confusing. But don’t worry, the next part presents a new way of avoiding the problem.

Transfer by using Multicloud Application :

MultiCloud is a free multiple-cloud manager for users, that enables files synchronization or transfer across cloud drives such as the Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA, box, pCloud, webDav, ftp server etc. This way you can easily migrate your photos to another account from Google Photos. See how to transfer images from Google to another account.

Step 1: Sign Up to Multi clouds.

Step 2:  Add Google Photos – Enter and add Google accounts to MultCloud. To add your Google photos to MultCloud one by one click on “Add clouds”.

Step 3: Moving of images from one Google Account to another MultiCloud can provide you with two ways to move and choose one depending on your choice.

Sum Up –

Main ways to help move images from one Google account to another are provided in this post. And by any method mentioned above, you can move your images. In addition, you can control your clouds with the “Cloud Explorer” feature of MultCloud as user with several cloud drives. You can link OneDrive accounts, Dropbox connection, etc, for example. And you may need to synchronize between clouds often. With the feature “Cloud Sync,” MultCloud can also help you achieve the goal. You can also sync several Google Drive accounts or OneDrive Dropbox backup if required.