Downloading files to iPhone and iPad via Apple Safari:

The download file manager in the new iOS 13 is a awesome feature up to date. The steps are;

  • Go to the website page and search link, which contains the link to download.
  • Tap the link, you will get a popup asking if you want to download the File. Click download.
  • The downloading will automatically start and you can see it from the download option near to the URL. As it is a download manager we can download multiple files at a time.
  • In the download manager we can find the size of folder, speed of downloading, estimated time etc. You can stop the download or pause it from here.
  • Once the file is downloaded you can see it on the top up of the file download manager, tap to open it.

This actually shows that you can download any files from the Safari easily.

We can also download the files from Safari by various third party download manager apps in iPhone and iPad. But before downloading such applications, we have to ensure the other authenticity and trustworthy of such websites and applications. We have to read the terms and conditions and verify the FAQ’s. Mainly this applications of for the iOS versions before 13 updation.

EDI pro web browser and file manager

one of the best download manager available in the Apple store for both iPhone and iPad. It has an amazing features and user friendly also. it has many features like- multiple tab, navigation bar, bookmark, history, downloading chart, speed of downloading etc. You can also enable the pin code of pattern for the privacy security.

Download Pro with multi tab browser

This has another feature like saving web page with image documents video etc in offline view. It has many other features like unlimited downloading multi tab facility navigation bar and bookmarking. this is actually a dual app means we can use it for both iPad and iPhone simultaneously.

IDL plus free – cloud storage and file manager

This is another type of download manager in iOS devices. It is free of cost and has numerous features. This is a friendly application that anyone can use it easily. It also has the ability to manage the cloud storage and local folder storage.

Document 5 – file manager, PDF reader and browser

Which is the most famous file manager in the iOS world. Actually its main benefit is that it can act as both file manager and download manager. It is the most trusty and authentic Application in the apple store. It has numerous features like- easy downloading, bookmarking, speed of downloading, estimated time etc. Its main use is that it can work as a file manager also. It is the most recommended application for iOS devices.

Bottom Line –

The new features of iOS 13 is bit awesome. The download manager in the Safari browsing application is one of them. It help us to fix all the problems in the downloading segments. One more feature is there, we can call it as a treasure in downloading scenario. You can directly download the file without opening the link page from Safari browser. Just tap and hold on the link, select the download link file option and downloading process will be done in background