These Simple Way To Share Your Live Location in Telegram

Telegram is one of the best instant messaging application which works with the help of internet. It is a cloud-based messaging and voice over IP service application. It can easily send message, photo, video, audio and files. Telegram have around 200 million active users globally. It provides you many uses like easy calls, secret chats, data to data encryption etc. It can be used in Android, iOS, windows Phone, windows NT, Mac OS and Linux.

The live location is the best feature on Google maps which can be e accessed by any third party application. it is much useful to meet a person who you don’t know and likewise helping someone new to a place. it can be useful when you went to home and reporting others that you reached the home safely. The telegram company just updated their version in iOS and Android with this new feature. When we turn on the live location everyone in our chat list can see our live location for a  specific time. If you are a frequent user of telegram then at some point you may have wanted to share your current location with friends.

Actually this feature starts to activate from the Android 4.4 version of telegram. This is much beneficial because you can use this live location in both groups and private chat. In group means the around people in that can see you live location. This is very easy and helpful way. I think live location feature to groups is only seen in telegram application.  Actually live location happens only because of the Google map. as we all know Google map is not a messaging service but it can be used when we get connected with other applications. The new studies says that using off live location cannot affect the battery life of the mobile. The accuracy level of live location is cent percent because of the Google map.

Now here we are showing how to send your live location on telegram application, so that you can learn this telegram live location feature and apply it to your private or group conversation. let’s check it

  • Open the telegram application
  • Open the conversation which we like to share our live location, it can be both group of private chat.
  • Tap the attachment logo and choose a live location.
  • in case if you are sharing your location in telegram for first time the application will ask request for permission. Tap on the allow button.
  • Once your permanent location get marked it will be blue in the map, always make sure that the pin is on the Blue Dot if you wish to send your current location. Otherwise, drag the point of location where we want.
  • Press the send this location button.
  • Your location will be sent in the conversation you opened.
  • It will be popped up about the conversation we opened.
  • Thus, clicking that we can find the live track location of the sender.



Actually it’s a simple way to use live location. It is one of the very high tech advantage useful app nowadays. They are numerous advantages of live location throughout the application


We can easily track a person wherever he goes with the help of this live location in telegram application.


We can easily notify others in public or private chat that we are safe during any calamity, n8 or other such problems.

Finding a person

If a person is coming to a place new, we can easily find him by this live location feature.

Bottom Line

The live location is one of the feature which helps us to share our current location with others. This is a feature which we can see not only in telegram, in WhatsApp also this feature is there. The uses and advantage of live location is very big, it is because of the population. Does using this live location will always help us in many ways.

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