How to Download Entire Facebook Data Including Chats

Facebook is one of the gigantic online social media network. More than one million users are there for facebook globally. If we have a registered account, we can send and upload anything we like in its wall. The wall is the place where we do our every action. In this we can easily chat with anyone in online.

It can be either public or private. This social platform is so popular because the young generation can find their own path. We can easily share anything with our friends who accepted us.

The current young generation mentality has completely changed that, they feel that they can be easily expressed and notified online (Viral) when compared with real world. From them reel/virtual world is more secure and easier than real world.

Facebook contains a wide range of data’s, it feeds every interaction we do in online like uploading, saving, chatting, liking, sharing etc. Thus, if we want to download everything happened in our account, we have some steps. Here’s how Facebook sees everything about you and how to downloads your own collection of that information. It might be useful, especially if you’re planning to stopping and hang some of those memories with you;

If you’re outlining for quiting your Facebook account and trashing the service, you should store on your copies of the photos, videos, status updates, wall posts and other content you’ve published and uploaded on Facebook until date. Now it can be easily done by downloading your entire Facebook data as a ZIP file. This helps you to get permanent copy of a lot of the similar information available to you in your Facebook account.

This includes everything like your posts which you have shared with others, Timeline info, messages, photos and more, as well as data which did not created yourself such as the ads you have clicked on, logged IP addresses and what not. The complete chat list you had done also will be saved from here.

Downloading Your Entire Facebook Data

Through this easy way will help you to downloading an archive of your Facebook information to a computer, and exploring its contents;

  • Login to facebook with your account, go to top toolbar of screen and click the 3 dots or menu icon.
  • Select Account Settings: click at the top right of Facebook page and select Settings.
  • Click facebook information option,
  • Then select download facebook information.
  • Now a new webpage will get opened and select the whole information you want to download. By delinquicly, all items are selected. However, you can easily select and deselect what all new information you want from the long list. If you want the chat history, select it also here.
  • After you choose which information you need, return to the top and randomly select a date range, different file format, and media quality. It depends on the speed and time to get downloaded the files.
  • Click to create file, when you have finished selection.
  • Soon after sometime You’ll get a message that the file is being created. When the file gets ready, you’ll see a notification in FB along with the email to the address you have attached on file. To obtain your file link in an email click on the notification. In case if you are not getting the notification just check the complete junk files and confirm that facebook emails are normal (in some cases it will in spam listed by the gmail)
  • Click download the file and enter your facebook password, thus the downloading get starts.
    In case the link redirect to Facebook’s Account Settings page, follow this steps as; Your Facebook Information > Download Your Information > Available Files.
  • When the file downloads, click Save and then go to the Downloads folder on your system. Open the ZIP file you downloaded, to unarchive it. The extraction is done over here.
  • Thus, your complete data information will be available.

In this above steps every information in our facebook account is downloaded. It contains the chat history also.

Bottom Line

In this, data was organized into four folders: html, messages, photos and videos. In the html folder, it showed the topics Facebook thinks are of interest to me along with all the ads we ever clicked on and a long list of advertisers that have my every contact information. The complte message conversation can be seen in Messenger folder. The all photos and videos which we clicked before will also be seen here. Totally, we can say that the whole information about our facebook interaction will be cached here. Use it securely.

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